Monday, 22 August 2011

Very Delayed Summer

Graduate Fog asks where all the unpaid interns are after the HESA published a report saying that only 5,235 university graduates are in unpaid work. The problem is that the IPPR published a report that 280,800 companies were looking to take on interns and 18% of those would not be paying them.

Here's the key point though. From the HESA report:
The publication provides detailed results of the Destinations of Leavers from HE survey, which asks graduates what they are doing six months after graduation
From the IPPR one:
This is the equivalent of 280,800 organisations across the UK, potentially offering a quarter of a million internship places over the summer.
Normal university degrees finish in May-July so six months later is November-January. Definitely not summer time. Problem solved.

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